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Twenty year old local Cali girl Kendra comes to us for her craving love of cum. She loves it all over her skin and rubs it in like a lotion. But most of all, loves it all over her face. Once our man came into the room she was quick to get his cock ready for action as she craving was just to much. He got her on her back and pounded her pussy until he got her on her knees and covered her face.

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This 23 year old Florida girl comes to us just to have some good sex. Well Lexi, you came to the right place, cause our man Julian is gonna cover your face like a glazed doughnut. She gave a strip tease and then had a cock in her mouth as soon as possible. Julian bent her over on all fours and gave her a fucking until he unloaded his spunk all over her pretty face.

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Lindsay said she couldn’t wait until she got shot with hot jizz all over her pretty face. She was quick to get naked and play with her pretty shaved pussy to get it ready for his hard to cock to give it a serious pounding. He could not take anymore of her pussy gripping his cock and he unloaded a massive load!!

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Memphis brought her hot little package and cock lovin' lips all the way from the Deep South to see us. Julian was more than happy with the visit as he pumped that tight young pussy with his huge meat missle before he blasted a sticky load all over her sweet smile!!

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These two little hotties love to get off with each other and toss in a guy like Ramone’s foot of monster meat to boot. Ramone hit one out of the park when he unloaded on the hotties cute braces.

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This Souther California girl contact us to help her with her craving for cum. Amy's favorite thing is to suck cock and to top it off have a thick load blasted all over her face! We were glad to help her out as our man was ready to unload all over this pretty blondes face. She went right to sucking his cock to get him nice and ready for his load to be splatterd all over her!

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With a name like Lucky we knew we were going to have some fun! It was our man who was the lucky one, as soon as she came in she was in need of having her face blasted with a thick load. With her massive real tits and a throat that can take an entire cock all the way down, it wasn't long until our man's cock exploded all over her pretty face and dripped down to her titties!

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Being only twenty one Deena sure does know how to get a cock all the way down her throat. She doesn't like to swallow, she prefers a load blasted all over her face. When our man comes out she wastes no time and sucks his cock balls deep. He fucked her in every which way possible and could fill his load slowly building up. He finally erupted and covered her face, and more!

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This >Russian Girl import has only been here for just over a year. Vicki couldn't believe how sexual the men are here and loves every bit of it. When we told her she was here for a Big League Facial she was even more excited to get her pretty face covered with thick man goo. Our man was happy to help her our with her request to get fucked and have her chin completely covered!

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After taking a break from porn, she just couldn't get her fix in the real world. Sky loves to just have her face covered with thick man goo and our man had a big build up ready to blast all over her face. She started sucking his cock and trying to pull the cum right from his cock. He flipped her around and fucked her hard until his eruption exploded all over her pretty face.

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This site gives new meaning to an indecent proposal. The premise is this: propose to pay a couple $1,000 to have one of the partners fucked by a total stranger on camera. The results are truly amazing but the best part is the sex is incredibly hot. You will get off on just how slutty some of these babes are when they’re offered cold, hard cash and a long, hard cock.

The pearls of the Far East are out in full force over at Mr. Chews Asian Beaver. These horny young Asian hotties provide the full down and dirty on hundreds of hardcore videos. This site is packed full of explicit Asian video of young babes taking the cock and loving it. They love it and you long time.

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The young white chicks that wind up on Giants Black Meat White Treat don’t quite know what’s about to hit them. But once they get smacked in the face by massive black cocks up to 16 inches, they realize their once tight twats will never be the same. These young white cuties are just begging for black moster dicks to tear their pussies up.

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Hotties with tits this huge, you have to stop and take notice. If you don't, the ladies of the Big Tit Patrol might stop and give you a ticket and then a good titty fucking! These sluts show off their melons in hundreds of videos of tit fondling & fucking.

The sexy feet and sexy pedicured toes is what this site is all about. These hotties love the almighty foot for explosive foot jobs and toe sucking. Barefoot Maniacs is stocked full of ladies with beautiful feet having them worshiped, caressed and ready to accept a cock full of cum right on their toes.

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Dillan was literally the girl next door but her sweet, shaved camel toe was extra special. Just ask Tommy who got to slide his cock inside those lucious pussy lips.

Goldie was tired of getting rained on so when she was offered some bucks for a peek at her sweet, shaved camel toe, she was game. Some suck and fuck action was in order too while she was at it.

18-year-old Chanel has a sweet little slit she shows off when she pulls her panties up high. Once the panties come off, her wet pussy is ready for a good cock thrashing.

We caught 18 year old Vanessa right after gymnastics practice and offered her a ride. Shortly after some cash she showed off just how flexible a teenage gymnast can be!

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Randi thought we were a little perverted asking to see her camel toe. But once that shaved beauty was revealed, she was more than ready to get drilled by a hard dick.

My good buddies search down girls and ask them to participate in the first annual camel toe contest. So we take them back to camel toe studio and get them to show us the sweetest slits ever, and guess what? It's a can't miss opportunity with new exclusive videos every week! We post the previews right here, Join for Full Video Access!!!

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This Weeks Update - Billy met a girl at a party and told him about what he did for a living. Ally was very interested in learning more about how a porn is shot. He told her if she had a nice camel toe she could be our newest girl. Not really sure what it was, she asked if Billy could explain just what it was. When he lifted up her skirt and saw her mesh white panties holding in her puffy pink pussy lips exposing her sweet camel toe, he told her we had a winner!

Last Weeks Update - Out for a drive to track down the hottest camel toes we see a leggy hottie waiting for someone. Pulling up next to her we almost got a peak up her skirt to see the toe poppin out. Asking Summer if she needed a ride she accepted. In the car we asked if she wanted to partake in our camel toe contest. Not knowing what a camel toe was, but wanted the cash, we took her back to the studio where Barry revealed her sweet camel toe!

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At the tennis court to see if there were any hotties in need of some lessons we ran into a smokin hot blonde. Mallory was all done up in her little tennis skirt with a puffy camel toe showing right through her skirt. Barry noticed right away and made her an offer for this weeks camel toe. She said she would think about it and get back to us. An hour later she texted us and was ready to show off her pretty pink puffy pussy!

While at he store Billy was getting some extra large condoms. The girl beside him saw what he was buying and I guess she was wanting to see if he really needed the extra large ones. He gave us a call and told us to meet her once he saw the camel toe she was sporting. Billy told her she could see if he really fit into the plus size condoms as long as she was willing to show off her puffy pink camel toe!

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Going to get a massage we saw a hot blonde hanging outside. Grabbing the camera we wanted to see if we could get a new contestant for our contest. Ami had a thick Eastern European accent and was super sexy. It was her day off and she was willing to participate in our contest. We took a peek through her shorts and could tell we had a winner. At the studio she gave a great massage and took home a prize for a great camel toe!

A friend of ours is moving away and wanted to go out with a bang. Jackie was supposed to come to the studio but couldn't find out which building we were in. When we went outside to look for her she was bent over looking in her bag for her phone. Up the skirt we could see her camel toe poppin right out of her panties. Telling her that she has a sweet camel toe showing she wanted to get right into the studio and show it off some more!

Going to grab some lunch we saw a hottie strutting with her hands full with her dry cleaning. Looking for her keys she dropped her stuff and we went to help her out. While picking her stuff up we were eye level and saw her camel toe poppin out through her tight pants. Asking Bridgette if she knew of the camel toe, she was well aware and liked it when guys noticed it. We sure did notice and asked her if she wanted to come back with us and have some fun!

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Hey All You feet lovers out there. We know how much a sexy chick with a perfect set of feet and toes can just drive you freakin’ crazy! Trust us, we know how you feel... we have been the #1 website for female feet appreciation since 2001. Every week we film absolutely gorgeous girls with only the sexiest feet! The Best Foot Fetish sexual you ever seen online.

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For her first time doing a foot fetish shoot, Sienna felt comfortable being in front of the camera. With her tiny sized four and a half feet, they have always been the center of attention. Sienna loves the attention they bring as they get sucked on and massaged before she wraps her toes around a nice thick hard cock for a good foot fuck!

Nicole is our newest foot fanatic and is quite flexible. When she masturbates she has been known to suck on her own toes just to have that sexy feeling of having them sucked. This time it is our foot master Barry's turn to suck on her pretty toes. Once he started massaging her feet, that got her juices flowing and ready for the hard fucking she was about to get!

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Sexy sized nine and looking super fine! Emily is no stranger to the foot fetish scene and knows just how to please a man with her feet and how she likes her feet pleased! Bryon came in and started right on in sucking her toes getting them all wet. She spread her toes wide enough to where he could almost get his hard dick in-between them. Soon enough he was fucking her sexy sized nines!

Our foot master Billy brought us a sexy foot fetish freak Alysa. She loves to have feet played with, and Billy is just the man to do so. Starting off sucking on her toes, licking her feet and getting her so turned on she just had to take over. Grabbing his hard dick with her feet and giving him a great foot job. Once Billy was in the grips of her feet, he was ready to give her a good hard fucking she came for!

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Flexible Jessie came to us to have her pretty feet worshipped. With her sexy size seven, and freshly painted toe nails, she was ready to have them pleased. Jim wasted no time putting her up on the couch and sucking her toe one by one and pleasing her feet. Jessie returned the favor and used her feet to give a great foot job and get ready for a hard fucking she came for!

Natalia & Kiera planned a day getting their feet done and afterwards were ready to play. They came to the studio and were so worked up from having their feet pampered they started sucking on each others sexy toes. After a bit of toe sucking they wanted to suck on something a bit bigger. We had our man jump right in between the two and started out a sexy three way fuck session!

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"Vivianne" - Vivianne is a hot, nasty babe who told us she loves hot jizz shot on her feet. Julian was more than up for the duty once he got down on her bald snatch and lapped it up good. Vivianne got so wet she had to wrap her lips around his monster dong until she sucked it rock hard!! Join now to access all the full-length foot-fucking movies!

"Courtney" - Courtney keeps herself well maintained; her hair, her make up and, of course, her beautiful pedicured feet & toes. Billy could hardly wait to start licking on those cute toes. She got into it by this time and started to suck his hard cock until she took it deep inside her wet snatch until he exploded hot jizz on her feet Join now to access all the full-length foot-fucking movies!

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"Brooke" - Sexy Brooke told us the whole foot and toe sucking fantasy turned her on. But when she saw that Julian was going to be the guy to get her off, Brooke's pussy really got wet. Once Julian started to suck on Brooke's painted lil' toes, she could barely wait to wrap her feet around his cock to get things really heated up!!

"Austin" Austin came in with her toes in a French pedicure. She loves the feeling of warm cum being shot all over her toes. Julian went right to work getting her pussy drenched from licking her throbbing clit. He slid his huge cock inside of her wet snatch. He fucked her wet cunt until he couldn't take anymore & blew his load all over her pretty feet.

"Ann Marie" - Ann was so shy when she came to see us with the cutest little feet. She got over her shy routine once Julian started licking her sweet pussy and then things started to happen. Once he started to suck on those tiny toes, Ann Marie was so wet she couldn't wait for Julians's big monster to slide inside her!!

"Joleen" - This hot blondie came to see us with a pair of the sexiest legs and feet around. When she started to suck on her own toes, it was about all Rick & his hardening cock could handle. She stroked Rick's cock between her feet until Rick just had to eat her bald twat. Once the fucking began, she couldn't wait for his hot load to splatter on her feet.

"Samantha" - Samantha is a brunette with long legs and beautiful feet at the end of them. She loves to show off her yummy toes in her high heels and then have them licked & sucked just before you lick her wet pussy. Once she is all horny, wet & getting a cock slammed deep inside her, she is ready to have a hot load blown all over her feet for a taste test.

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