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Tiffany Hopkins - All the way from Paris, Tiffany brought her sexy French accent and that fuckable French ass over to check us out. The whole crew wanted a piece of this french pastry but Julian was the lucky stiff so to speak. And boy did his thick cock get rock hard when he went down on Tiffany's wet trimmed up snatch, tonguing that juicy clam until she was ready for a ball banging fuck!!!

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Lanny Barbie - Lanny brought her delicious ass all the way down from Canada. Julian must really like imports as he started to lick that butt and pussy just to get things heated up. Lanny saw Julian's cock getting bigger, so she had to get a mouthful. It was all the way on now as he rammed her pussy good until she begged to have her asshole plugged up with that huge piece of meat!!

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Sharon Wild - Vanessa Sharon came to us with definite ideas of how to get fucked in the ass. She told us she likes to get hard cock up her pooper slowly while while fingering her clit until she gushes cum. Sounds like a plan for our man Billy who got his big dick sucked in the process and got to fuck Sharon's wet pussy too. But when it came to getting that ass fucked, Sharon rode that meat monster while getting herself off.

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Vanessa - Vanessa remembers the first time she had anal sex at the tender age of 18. Now she says every time she gets fucked, its not complete unless she has her asshole pounded. Julian got his huge cock sucked before he stuck it in her sweet snatch. Of course she couldn't wait for that man meat to get stuck in her bung hole and the hot cum eruption all over her ass.

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Poppy - Poppy remembers the first time her ass got violated was over in England a few years back, but she also recalls she loved every minute of it. That was good news for Rick who immediately went down on her sweet pussy along with a finger in her bung hole just to get her prepared. After Poppy took a cowgirl ride on Rick's stiff hard cock, she was ready to take the high hard one up her tight ass.

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Shayna - Shayna & her sexy accent told us all what we wanted to hear: please pump my ass. Well sure thing babe but first we have to work up to the task so how about having your pussy licked a little & then sucking some cock to a rock hard state. Sure Shayna does because now she's going to get her pussy fucked right before it enters her tight asshole and the creamy cum explosion on her lips that follows.

Nadia - It had been a while since Nadia felt a hard cock up her tight ass, but she was ready and willing to give it a go again. She said because getting fucked in the ass is bad & dirty is the reason she loved it so much. We second that emotion as a good session of 69ing got the juices flowing just right. After she got fucked in her pussy for a bit, Nadia got the ass fucking she had been longing for.

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Hope - Sexy brunette Hope is a wild child. She has a pierced tongue, a shaved pussy and a wild imagination. Her best trick is to talk dirty while a fat cock is throbbing in and out of her sweet asshole. Don't forget to drop your load in her mouth when your cock is ready to explode. She expects nothing less.

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Crystal - Young Crystal doesn't play around when it comes to getting fucked in the ass. She'll engulf a hard cock with her tender mouth and long blonde hair just in time to get her wet pussy pounded. Of course all that's left is what she wanted in the first place-a good ass fucking with another cock deep in her pussy.

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Claire - Claire may be young but she's all woman. You better be able to bring it strong when you're going to fuck her, and two cocks are preferred. After getting two cocks rock hard, Claire wants a little double penetration action. And don't forget to cum in her mouth before you leave. Where's the respect?

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Ashley - Ashley has a school girl charm. We just don't think she learned to take cock in her ass in any classroom we know of. No matter where she honed her skills, Ashley definitely has them. What else would you call taking two cocks at the same time and then finishing off the double penetration session with a nice facial cum bath? We call that talent.

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Sierra and Austin had been together for five years but were struggling for cash. So we offered Sierra $1000 for a little "physical exhibition." Before we knew it this little hottie was back at our place getting naked and rubbing on our man Andrew's cock. Right in front of her boyfriend, this little slut went right down on some strange dick while totally getting her pussy dripping wet. Sierra stuck her moist snatch right on Andrew's face before jumping down for a stiff cock ride!!

Let's see: the boyfriend is unemployed and his hottie girlfriend is struggling making pennies at a convenience store. You think they might be up for our proposal? Faster than you can fuck me for cash. Cute little Brynn jumped at our offer and our man's cock immediately as she slurped and sucked that pipe rock hard. Once he slid his cock into her shaved wet snatch, Brynn almost forgot why she was fucking a stranger. When she tasted his hot load, she remembered why she became a whore for the day.

Broken down in a parking lot with no money and her broke boyfriend Zach, Estella saw it as an easy oportunity to make $1000. A little strip show and a little suck and fuck. Zach wasn't too crazy about it but cash is cash and once Estella was deep throating a stranger's cock right in front of him, the show was on!!

This sexy French Canadian babe was looking for a good time while she was in the US so a grand in cash for her and her man Enzo to party was tempting. So what if she had to suck and fuck a strange man's cock to collect! Lena was the horny sort anyway so when her round tits and sweet pussy got licked by a stranger, she was down with this proposal. The deal was closed when she took a hot cum bath on her mug after a stiff dick riding.

When Kasey and her out of work boyfriend were offered a grand to let us have her way with her, there was slight hesitation. But money talks and Kasey is a horny slut when you come right down to it. When Kasey and her man Rob came back to our place, she went down on our man's Marcos' cock like it was her last meal. We knew we had a winner when she rode his cock like a bucking bronco and let him splatter his juice on her mug.

Dani didn't seem to happy with her boyfriend on this particular night, so when she was offered some serious cash to fuck a stranger while her boyfriend looked on, she hardly hesitated. Dani wasn't wearing any panties under her little mini skirt so access to her sleek shaved pussy was easy. Once that hard cock got inside her, she wanted everyone to know how much she loved being a dirty slut.

Holly found her man while we were out filming and we decided the only far thing to do is let her get fucked by a stranger in front of her man. We headed back to the room where she was quick to get naked and get the strangers cock right into her mouth making sure he was watching. Then getting her pussy fucked hard by the stranger making sure he watched every second.

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Sexy blonde Tyla was anxious to show us her pussy shaving technique. After she carefully trimmed her pussy to a nice, smooth finish, she wanted a hard fucking. Not wanting to disappoint Tyla, she got the hard cock she wanted with out the friction of unwanted hair. See how considerate Tyla is?


At her last photo shoot, Hanna had to shave her sweet little pussy and it turned her on. Well Hanna, trust us. Watching you shave on camera is a huge turn on for us too, especially when your smooth snatch is licked and fucked following the maintenance. And taking that load in your pretty mouth at the end makes the experience that much more worthwhile.

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Layla and Chelsea wanted to be pussy shaving stars on camera. Since time is money, we decided to have them show off their technique together. They liked what they saw from each other so much that they couldn't wait to lick each other's clean snatch until they came. It's refreshing when things go so smoothly, no pun intended.


21-year-old Cameron is confident in her abilities. She naturally is a hottie with long legs and a cute smile, but her pussy shaving is pure perfected skill. She cleans up nicely and then proceeds to place that moist twat right in your face. What is a guy to do except lick her wet pussy and give her a good fucking. Cameron expects nothing less.

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At a park just off campus we saw Alexa just sittin there alone. We went up and interviewed her for our BookBang Scholarship. She was in need of next semesters books so she came back with us. Once she got a glimpse of the cash, she went into whore mode and went right to earning her books!

This skinny sexy blonde first year was sitting on the steps when we approached her. Tyler was trying to figure out a way to make some extra cash for her supplies and we offered her the book bang fund. She agreed and came back to the house and was sucking and fucking to further her education!

Our sexy college student was a first year student and had no idea how much books can cost her. We had some cash to buy some books for her, but she had to earn it. She came back to the house and got naked to earn those books. She took control of our man's cock and sucked & fucked for her books!

This bookless student was taking a break from her classes out back of the classrooms. We caught up with Jacky and after talking with her we offered her the Book Bang Scholarship. She agreed and came back to the studio and started sucking a cock. Soon she was bent over getting fucked for her books!

After finding a locked gate at the school shortcut we saw Tommie at the gate too. We started chatting with her and made her the book bang scholarship. Being a very sexual girl, she took the offer and came back to our place where she took our mans cock and just started face fucking his rock hard cock!

When Courtney was offered a scholarship, she thought it included her books. Well, she was wrong. And that is where we offer her our scholarship. She was ready to earn her books from the BookBang program. Soon our girl Courtney was sucking cock and getting her wet pussy fucked for books!

When we caught up with this firey redhead, Charly was nervous about the rising cost of her books. She was about to go drop some classes, but we offered her the Book Bang scholarship. Charly was earning her books sucking on a hard cock and getting her sweet pink pussy fucked hard!

Breanna heard about our scholarship program and came over to our house. She had some paperwork but the only paper we deal with is cash! We made the offer and then as soon as she saw the cash, she was getting naked and sucking on hard cock. Her books are now paid for for her book bang!

Alex & Jimmy were out at campus in search of some new scholarship girls. When they found Molly looking at the job postings they asked if she would like to take part of the College Teen Book Bang. She was sucking cock on her way to get her books paid for and getting fucked hard for the cash!

Lacie had always looked forward to going to college, but she was really low on cash. Our guys came across the blonde hottie and offered her some book money. She showed her appreciation by wrapping her sweet pussy lips around our boy’s hard dick.

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Toni didn't want anything to do with us at first. She wouldn't even talk to us until we offered her some cash. Once she found out there was money involved, she was down for anything. She was down for coming back to our place where she dropped down to her knees and took his cock right in her mouth like the bus stop whore she is. After some good sucking, this whore got what was cumming to her, a face full of man chowder!

We caught up with Candy in a strange place waiting for a bus. The next strange thing that was about to happen to her was the strange stiff cock Rick stuck in her mouth for some bucks!! Things really heated up when she got her shaved wet box stuffed full of Rick's monster meat for a deep slide ride. Candy was getting her pussy rocked when Rick pulled out his exploding dick and shot his load across her nose!

New into town and checking out the classifieds for work, Megan was waiting for the bus and a little opportunity. That's where we came in. Soon our interview for pay moved to into the bedroom and Megan was taking off her clothes, exposing some perky tittties and a sweet shaved twat. How's that for opportunity? But Megan wanted a few more bucks so she got a mouthful of Brad's cock and before you knew it, she was pussy riding that stiff rod!!

Nadia was a little down on her luck and cash so when our guys offered her an opportunity for a little sex, she was more than willing. Almost in a flash, she went from the bus stop to getting her face fucked by a hard cock. Once that cock got into her wet snatch, she put on quite a fuck show until she tasted the hot cum finish that was awaiting her.

When Kimmie first took a ride with us to get out of the rain, she was a little irritated by her situation. When we told her she could make a big chunk of change for a few sexual favors, her clothes did a disappearing act. When she got a thick cock in the face, she was was all about sucking it and making it as hard as she could. Her pussy need some attention so once that rock hard unit slid in her, she was all about fucking & tasting the creamy explosion.

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Visiting the studio to see if she was going to work with us, Cindy had to use the bathroom before she left. Seeing all the holes in the room, she had a bit of an idea of where she was. Reading some of the writing on the wall, she followed the instructions and knocked for a cock. Sure enough to her delight a hard cock appeared as she dropped to her knees and start to please!

Traveling all the way across the country from the beaches in Jersey, Brooklyn was ready to see what the California coast has to offer. She was quick to find out about Mr. Happy's and she had to try everything Cali has to offer. She came in horny and ready to take on the glory holes. Knocking on the walls waiting for a hard one to emerge, she was hot and wanted to throat fuck a cock!

Mr. Happy's is becoming more popular as the word spreads around. Nikita visiting from Russia and even heard about our studio. When she found the location she came in and started knocking around looking in the holes for a cock to suck on. After some suspense a hard on came out of the holes and she drops to her knees to please the strangers stiffy!

Angelica is no stranger to a glory hole. She gets so turned on by sucking off strangers through a hole in the bathroom wall. When she heard of Mr. Happy's, she had to come in for a visit. She arrived horny as hell and took out her vibrator and started getting her pussy soaking wet. Soon enough a dick pokes it way out of one of the holes. Once she saw that she dropped to her knees and started to please. Not to long after that, another dick emerges and she had two to play with!

When horny girls get a craving to suck some cock, they come to only one place, Mr. Happys! Charley heard the rumors of the place and was fantasizing about sucking a stranger. When she came in and noticed all the holes, she got so turned on wondering which one a cock was going to emerge from. Rubbing her pussy as she waits, she gets so turned on she is almost about to bang on the walls. Just when she was ready a hard cock appears and as she wraps her wet lips around it!

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Missy - Missy first found out she could squirt a couple of years ago and can remember just how good her first time was. Ever since that she has been trying to replicate that same feeling. Well Ramon helps out by sliding his massive cock inside her tight pussy causing it to gush like a sprinkler.

Annie - Annie is our first Asian squirter as Ramon fills her tight little pussy. She was impressed of the size of his huge cock and tried to fit it all in her small mouth. He had her gushing like Old Faithful as he filled her pussy with his monster cock and she loved every minute of it.

Cytherea - Cytherea shocked us all with her amazing squirting abilities! This chick was so horny that when she came it shot at least five feet accross the room. This is definitely a gotta see video, two thumbs up for sure!

Marissa - Marissa just found out that shes a squirter 6 months ago. So she wanted to show everyone by fucking Ramons big cock. She gets the bed so wet as Ramon is banging her doggystyle, and the look on Ramon says it all...he loves it! Dont miss the action as Marissa ejaculates all over the sheets!

Cytheria - Cytheria had an audience with rain gear on prepared for her amazing waterworks show. She didn't disappoint as she got her pussy off with a dildo and squirted a stream right at them. Then Will got lucky enough to get Cytheria's juice box off up close and personal style!!

A few of her girlfriends and her all got together and had a big sleepover party. One of her girlfriends went out and got a vibrator for each girl and then they all wanted to practice female ejaculation. One girl showed her how to control her pussy to stream her orgasms and since then, she has been a squirter!

Ever since she had a girlfriend show her the secrets of squirting, Breana has been a squirting addict! Her girlfriend was working her clit while finger fucking her wet pussy and rubbing her magic G-Spot and soon came an eruption of cum!

SeeHerSquirt brings you a little something you won't fucking believe. Massive pussy ejaculations (this is NOT pee) filmed and posted here! Some people believe its a scientific fact and we hope this site gives you the education value yourself to see if girls cumming and squirting is truth or a myth. Girls that can cum are rare but once you see a chick cum, you'll tell all your buddies to check out some of the videos below.

When Lea told us she needed a big cock to make her pussy squirt, we asked Justin to come in and help her erupt her orgasms! Lea found out she was a squirter with her last big cock so we were to make sure her needs were met. Once Justin started pounding her pussy with his huge dick, it did not take long for Lea to open the flood gates and squirt her orgasms all over the place!

Brooylyn's girlfriend told her some secrets on how to make her pussy explode her orgasms so she went to go try it out. Her fuck buddy had her on her back and she could feel him hitting all the right spots. Holding her orgasm back as long as she could, she could feel the intense orgasm building up. When she was at the point where she could no longer hold it. Her pussy erupted her orgasm squirting all over the place. Now she is here to show off her special talent!

During a long fuck session with her boyfriend, Katie could feel her orgasm building up but was holding it back so she could enjoy the pleasure for longer. While he was fingering her, he started rubbing her magic spot and she could no longer hold back the urge of her massive orgasm. She let loose and opened the flood gates causing her cum to squirt all over the place. She was so turned on that she she has perfected her squirting talent and is here to show it off!

A fuck buddy of Taisa showed her that she had a special spot. Never squirting before and hearing about it, she was skeptical that she had the special talent. She was excited and he went right to it, hitting her special spot, and giving her the fucking she was in dire need of. Taisa could feel the urge to cum but she was told to hold it back as long as she could. When she could no longer hold back, she let loose squirting her cum all over the place. Ever since then she has been squirting her orgasms all over the place and came to show off her special talent!

After seeing the success with the power of the magic wand, we just had to get one for the studio. Jamey came in and was familiar with that toy and was excited to show off her special talent with the powerful toy. Laying back relaxing with the business end of the toy right on her clit starting off nice and slow. She could feel the build up inside of her and asked Barry to give her a hand. As soon as he went down on her, the orgasm was just too powerful to hold back and she let loose exploding her orgasm all over the place soaking everything in sight!

This has to go down as the wettest, wildest shoot we ever did. Not only do we have a squirter, but we have TWO super squirters. Angelina & Mason contacted us to let us know they both wanted to come in and soak the studio. Well they were not kidding! Our lucky man was licking, sucking and fucking as the other girl was giving him a hand on the other. There was cum flying all over the place we needed more then a mop to clean up!

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