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Bikini Girls on the Beach

Our site brings you a "buttload" of full-length hardcore porn episodes featuring the biggest jiggly bouncy booties on the hottest girls we can find. It's hard work to find girls who have nice big round asses but who are also really hot at the same time.. we hope you enjoy :)

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Bianca - When we finally got to meet Bianca after talking on the phone a few times, we were in shock from her booty. Her sweet round mound strutted into the studio bringing all the attention to her ass. Our man didn't waste any time to bring all of his attention to her cheeky bum. He sunk his face into her crease and started to lick from cheek to cheek. She reached around pulling his face deeper into her ass as she demanded him to slide his hard cock between her round mound of ass.

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Elena - Right when she strutted her jaw droppin booty right into the studio we knew she was gonna be prefect. She gave us a few peeks as she was bending over and giving all the guys nice clam shots when she bent over. Finally our man just had to do something with his rock hard cock she gave him. He went over and gave that cheeky bum a pinch and was able to sink his hands in her sweet ass. She just loved it and had him over her bum with baby oil and massage that ass. She got all worked up she took ahold of his rock hard cock and just went to town slammin her round mound of ass on it.

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Jenny Hendrix - From the second she came into the studio, all we could do was stare at this girls perfect heart shaped ass. She noticed that we were staring and started to tease us with some sneak peaks of her luscious cheeks. Enough with the teasin and our man came out and buried his face right in the dead center of her bum. He licked his was up and down her crack and then she was ready to slam her round mound of ass up and down on his rock hard cock.

Alexis Texas - We hear everything is bigger in Texas, and Alexis Texas brings us her big ol round mound of ass! Her sweet cheeks. She loves to have her bum worshipped before she allows a cock inside of her. Our man got some handfuls of bum while undressing her and sinking his face between her juicy cheeks. Alexis reached back and spread her cheeks apart for our man's tongue to adventure her booty. That drove her wild and she grabbed on his hard cock and lowered her pussy on him.

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Rachel Star - We got an invite from a friend who has this house that is insane. What was even more insane was the girl he had there waiting for us. Rachel answered the door and lead us through the house. All we could focus on was her sweet round ass. She caught us lookin and gave us a nice strip tease by the pool as she took them all off. We followed her heart shaped ass into the house where our man just took over smackin her pretty ass and sunk his face right into her juicy booty. She backed her ass up into his face and then backed it right into his hard cock. Our man was in round mound of ass heaven!

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Lexi - Lovely Lexi came to the studio struttin her candy apple ass around, driving us all wild. She would pull up her skirt showin us her matchin panties and teasing us with her juicy booty. She laid down on the couch and our man pounced on her bum. Sinking his face right between her cheeks as she pulled his face in deeper. He almost ate off her panties to get to her drenched pussy. Once she was butt naked she sat on his face and rode him like a cowgirl. She then bounced up and down on his cock until he erupted all over round mound.

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August - We have always heard about the Latina women and their amazing booty's, but we were not prepared for when August came to our studio. She shook her ass like she was in a Brazilian parade and jiggled her booty that just had our jaws dropped. Once she slide down her pink short-shorts and showed off her sweet round mound, our man just dove right in, sinking his face between her cheeky bum. He pumped her booty until he unloaded all over her sweet cheeks.

Ashley Ashley should have the nickname Assley with that sweet round mound! Billy is definitely an ass man as he goes right to smackin that ass and burying his face between her heart shaped bum. She loved every second of it as having her booty worshiped is one of her biggest turn ons! >

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Booty-full Bella always knew she had a little junk in the trunk and was proud of her booty. So are we cause she has got the sweet Round Mound of Ass we are looking for! Johnny wasted no time planting his face between her cheeky bum and licking her wet pussy from behind. That got her turned on and ready for his hard dick!

Lisa loves to show off that sweet Latina ass and figured she would come on in and get that Latina booty worshipped! Brett wasted no time sinking his face inbetween that heart shaped ass. That drove Lisa crazy as she loves to have a tongue sink inbetween her round mound of ass!

Catalina gives us a new meaning of a round mound! Her perfect proportions drove all the guys in the studio crazy as she lifted up her skirt giving us a glimpse of a perfect booty. Lucky Billy was the one who got to sink his face between her cheeky bum and dive right into her perfect ass!

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There aint no booty like a Latin booty! Isis knows she has a nice round mound and wanted to show off that sweet ass. While strutting into the studio we could not wait to see that heart shaped ass. Getting those clothes off and oiling up that cheeky bum, our man dove right in and got to play with that big ol booty!

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A good friend of ours told us about a round mound we just had to have on our site. When Mackenzee Pierce showed up, we were so stoked to get such a sweet ass. She came in wearing a sexy green bra & panties showing off her heart shaped ass. She shook that ass for the camera until our guy could not take it anymore!

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Brianna knew exactly what she was here for today, to show off her sexy Round Mound of Ass. Our man Max knew exactly what to do with all that booty too. He started off rubbin that ass over her shorts, giving her some spankings and teasing her heart shaped ass. That got her pussy so wet it drenched her panties. He covered her ass with some baby oil and then got her all slick so he could slide right into her soaking wet pussy!

Nude in Public with Sex

Hey there... My name is Mr. Big Dicks. I guess you can probably figure out why all the chicks call me that. I saw some porn sites a few years back where dudes go out on the streets hunting for chicks to fuck and film. I knew i could do a better job, so in 2002 i decided to make this site. I only film Hotties!!

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Handing out flyers for model searching we had all the flyers gone but one. Seeing a hotty walking down the street, Billy went right up to Nicole and told her that she would be perfect for our site. Reading the flyer and seeing the offer for cash for modeling, she wanted to know if she could do more then modeling!

Back out searching for the newest hot chick Billy had some flyers printed up for our studio. Walking through the park handing them out to the hot chicks to see if any were interested we found Victoria. She had nothing planned for the day so she came back to the studio to be our newest hot chick!

While getting some ink, Emily wanted some cock! Barry's tattoo artist Emily has always talked to him while she does his tattoos. Knowing what we do here, she wanted to come in and see while doing a private tattoo session. She was in the right horny mood cause the conversation went sexual. Pretty soon there was no more conversation and just pure fucking!

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We wanted to see Briana's special talent! At a booking agency, Billy went to register to see if he can break his way into Hollywood movies. Seeing all the hot women in there, he knew he hit the jackpot. Seeing a hot blonde outside he went to talk to her. Briana was there to get some jobs in movies. Billy mentioned make a sex tape to get famous on the internet and go from there. She needed a big dick to be our hot chick!

Having a curiosity of being in a porn, Cali has put it on her list of things to do before she dies. While searching the local campus for some new talent, Billy went to the vending machine to get a drink. A hottie asked for change and then recognized Billy from porn. She was pretty turned on and wanted to finally get to live out her life long fantasy and she became our newest Hot Chick!

While walking through the park we have been having luck at, we see a hot blonde walking by. Billy gave her the eye and she recognized him from awhile back. Haley & Billy used to fuck but lost touch over the year. She was super horny and ready to relive the good old times of being our newest hot chick!

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After his massage, Billy gives her a special one! After physical therapy Billy wanted a massage. The therapist shows up and she was totally hot. Madison gave the massage and when she went to leave she couldn't get her car started. Leaving her lights on drained her battery so Billy put it on the charger. While it charged, Billy gave her a tour and she ended up taking the job as being our newest Hot Chick!

Pool hopping led us to our newest hottie It was a perfect day out so we hit the local apartment complex's pools to do some pool hopping. At one of the nicer pools we saw a hottie laying out getting some sun. She didn't recognize us cause she said she knew everyone in the building. Angel busted us so we told her we just pool hop looking for hotties for our site and she was ready to be our next star.

Beautiful Amy shows us her perfect tits Getting tired of the studio we went looking for a new place to shoot. A friend of ours owns a house that he is thinking of selling and lets people stay there to take care of the place. While we went to go take a look at it there was a beautiful girl there swimming. Amy was taking care of the place and heard we were coming by. While we were there she took care of us as well.

Tanya hit us from behind so she offered up hers! Johnny was on the way to the studio when Tanya rear ended his truck. She wasn't wanting to get the police or insurance involved. Tanya was willing to do whatever to get outa this situation. So we offered her to be our new Hot Chick! Seeing that Johnny was serious about it and did not want any trouble, she was back at the studio sucking and fucking her way out of it!

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Dylan loves to ride anything and everything! Billy is taking horse back riding lessons. The stable owner gave us a call letting us know about a new hottie tending her horse. We showed up and she was finishing caring her for pet, we got to talking and she has noticed Billy riding before and wondered what it would be like to give him a ride!

Billy finally gets to bang his hot neighbor! Seeing his neighbor Chloe all the time, Billy has always wanted to bring her into the studio and give her a good hard fucking. Stopping her on the street one day with cameras going, Chloe finally wanted to see the studio for a tour to see what Billy has been talking about. While on the set, she finally decided to be our newest Hot Chick!

Nikita was pushing us for some new content! Our DVD rep. was bugging us to get more content ready for our new DVD we are releasing. Nikita came to the studio to get us moving but weather was not permitting to go out and find hot chicks. We offered her a chance to star in the newest episode and she was willing to be our newest hot chick!

At the pool things got really wet Last week at a party we ran into a Luna and we told her about our site. She was really interested and she told us about a friend she had that she could bring with her. She called us to come over to a friends house and bring all the cameras to fuck her and a friend!

While we were out for a drive, Billy & I saw this amazing blonde with her hood open on the side of the road. Billy got out and pretended to be a mechanic. Her car started and she came back to the studio and all she wanted to do was fuck!

Billy & I were out in a shopping plaza checking for the hotties that shop all day. We saw this one in the parking lot needing a jump for her ride. We brought her back to the studio and gave her another king of jump!

Even though LA is a big town, it is a small world. I ran into an old girlfriend out with her friend and I guess I "forgot" to call them back. After some smooth talking I had them both back in the bed at the same time!

Billy and I were out lookin for the next hot chick when we saw this hotty in the parking lot. We went up to her and asked her if she was willing to do a photo shoot. Turns out Riley was ready to do more then just take some pictures!

I was horned up as usual and this long legged, big tit hottie made me do a 360. I threw my fake I shoot for a magazine rap on her and before you know it, she was down on my monster meat. I nearly blew my load right away when I stuck her tight wet box.

Getting a cup of coffee we saw a hottie who was ready to fuck! She approached us asking about the camera equipment and wanting to be in a movie. When we told her what kind, she ready to fuck!

At the local cafe I ran into Kendall who we have seen here before. She was with her friend Brooke who she told all about me. We ditched the cafe and came back to my place where the fun began!

After going out and giving out my number to hot chicks I got a call back. Ashley called us over to hang out. She had more on her mind then hanging out and wanted to make a movie!

My mechanic friend told me he has a hot client comin in so I went and pretended I worked there. We told her we were too busy but could change her oil at the studio and she worked off the payment!

Talk about a small world. Leavin a friends house I saw Eva & Rachel together. They recognized me right away, and then remembered the last time we met. We then headed back to the studio to play!

At the beach for some downtime I was noticed again! This time it was an old fuck Lela, and she was with her friend Mariah. It didn't take much to talk these two to come back to the studio with us!

Lesbian Teen Hunter

Welcome to Lesbianteenhunter. Home of the original and exclusive lesbian movies and lesbian pictures. Here at our mature lesbian girls hunt down new innocent teens. These teens are curious about the lesbian experience and the taste of pussy. Once back to the studio these girls turn into pussy lickers quickly as they love the sex action with a mature girl. Some scenes even feature multiple girls for lesbian teen orgies. Enjoy! we like to watch girls kissing a lot... so we had this awesome idea. start up a video site where older girls hunt down super fresh teen girls. the best part is that each teen is a first timer!

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Marley & Cassi - We all know that puppies are a great way to get girls attention, but kittens work even better! Marley saw Cassi at a gas station and saw that she had some kittens someone abandoned. She offered to bring them back to the studio to get some fresh water and care. At the studio, Marley wanted to play with another kind of pussy!

Samantha & Skyy - Samantha was out on the prowl huntin down her next girl to bring back. She noticed a girl with a sad look on her face and went up Skyy and told her she could turn that frown upside down. Skyy wasn't shy at all since Samantha is super hot and came back with us. Once at the studio Samantha took control and had a lesbian fuck fest!

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Mia & Sammy - Mia was a bit horny and after walking around the mall to find her next lover, she had no luck. Until we were walking out we saw a hottie sitting on the bench. She walked up to her and sat right down and pretty much told her to come back so she could go down on her! After some talking into, Sammy came back and the fun began!

Jessica & Kelly - Kelly is a friend from UK visiting and we went out to grab some lunch. She noticed a cut girl sitting alone and being the aggressive one, went over to her. Kelly found out Jessica was just finished with her job early and was killing time to her ride got there. We offered her a ride but a quick stop at the studio and that is where Kelly took over!

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Aries: 18 yrs.

Chanel: 25 yrs.

Doing the job interview worked well last time so we set things up to try our luck again. Answering our ad for a new office assistant, Aries came in for an interview. Chanel told her right from the begining that it is a porn company and she was a bit interested on what all we did. Instead of telling her, Chanel just decided to show her!

Live Cam Girls

Ashley: 24 yrs.

Jazy: 19 yrs.

Jazy's part time job as a courier has her all over town. During a storm she came in and dropped off some printing to the studio. She asked if she could wait the storm out inside. Ashley told her what we did here at the studio and if Jazy wanted a tour. She showed her around and then at the set, seduced her into her first lesbian experience!

Melissa: 24 yrs.

Madison: 19 yrs.

A friend of Melissa had a foreign exchange student from Russia living with her. Madison did not have much to do and was getting bored. Melissa said she would show her a good time. Melissa took her by the hand and off to show her the studio where she worked. Madison seemed interested and Melissa started her seduction and had a great time!

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Natalia: 18 yrs.

Jessie: 26 yrs.

Not having the best of luck finding fresh teens, Melanie wanted to give up and head to the beach. We knew of a place near campus that hotties like to sit back between classes. Monique was there reading in a corner when Melanie picked her out. She went over to her and wanted to know if she wanted to experience the soft touch of another woman!

Live Cam Girls

Devon: 21 yrs.

Angie: 22 yrs.

Lilly: 19 yrs.

While in town visiting Devon & Angie wanted to go see some of the places we shot our porns at. We went to the pool at one of our friends house so they could get some California sun. When we showed up there was a hottie in the pool laying out topless. Being in the porn capital of the world, they decided to give it a chance and have some fun!

Rachel: 21 yrs.

McKenzie: 19 yrs.

Brynn: 25yrs.

Dahlia: 23 yrs.

Rachel had so much fun getting her friends for a volleyball game, she got up some girls to play some soccer. After some two-on-two games, the girls decided to go back to the house and play a different kind of two-on-two as well as a four way fuck fest!

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Hailey & McKenzee

It seems that Hailey has a number one fan from the site. McKenzee begged us to bring her in with her favorite girl Hailey. She is not a lesbian, but Hailey just turns her on so much. We get to see how much she really turns her on when Hailey licks her sweet wet pussy and drives her wild. Soon she is fucking her pussy with a dildo until they both scream in ecstasy!

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Monica & Mindy

Franchezca dressed up and went out tonight as Monica. She was out to get some new sex toys and found Mindy out front of the shop. She offered to show her how to use her new toys. Once they got back to the house it was full on lesbian fuck fest! Mindy learned how to use her new toys and was our newest catch from the Lesbian Teen Hunter!

Mia & Sammie

One of the house roommates had a party last night. Sammie wasn't there but wanted to have her way with the leftover party goers. Mia was on the couch when Sammie was on the hunt and found her laying there. Sammie took over and had her licking her freshly shaved juicy pussy. She returned the favor with a hard strap-on fucking!

Live Cam Girls

Karlie & Veronique

Karlie was craving some teen snapper and wanted to show off her pick up skills so she was on the prowl. She found Veronique and told her that she could help her make some extra cash. Once she found out about the money, she was back at the apartment getting her sweet ripe pussy lapped up. It was her turn to do the licking and she did it like a pro bringing Karlie to a screaming orgasm!

Bikini Contest for Beautiful Girls

Shawnee came into do some bikini modeling and was cool that she was being video taped for it. Good for us! As she was getting interviewed, she mentioned that she thinks her lips and breasts are her best features, we couldn't agree more. She was getting into her bikini and mentioned that she really needed this job bad and was willing to do whatever it takes. We put her to the test. After a few bikini shots, she quickly got naked and had a cock in her mouth in no time. He rolled her over onto all fours and gave her hot pussy a hard pounding.

Live Cam Girls

Ashley came in for the photo shoot, but a quick offer of some cash had her naked in no time. Soon after she was comfortable in front of the camera naked she wanted to play with the cameraman. After he takes out his hard cock and she goes down on it right away, we knew she was going to be a fun afternoon filming. She rides his hard cock, he then flips her over and fucks her from behind. He finally finishes off the job by giving her a gooey chin omlette.

Live Cam Girls

Hot 25 year old Ava was brand new to the modeling game, but she had the game of life on lock. She might show off her titties for an extra hundred, but to get up in that sweet, slippery pussy was gonna cost two grand. Who needs an agent when you can negotiate like that? She's into a hot cock under the hot lights.

Live Cam Girls

Brooke is only 20 but she has a sweet face and a smokin’ body and knows just what she wants. She eagerly jumps into her hot bikini for the shoot and takes direction well. When it’s all over, Brooke wants to know what her chances are for the job. Sasha, the art director, is the final decision maker, but Brooke intends to get this job anyway she can. Sasha and his hard cock greet sexy Brooke’s mouth with delight as she sucks and fucks this art director until he makes the right decision.

Live Cam Girls

At just a barely legal 18 and a self described rock and roll chick, Corina wanted badly to show off her tight young body on the latest calendar shoot. After modeling a couple of smokin’ hot bikinis, Corina showed she was willing to work hard for her money by getting fucked doggie style and loving every second of it. She knew doing that little extra is going to put her over the top.

Live Cam Girls

Jordan is our latest coed in need of cash. She worked in a local coffee shop trying to pay her way through college. Se we decided to "help her out". Once we flashed twelve one hundred dollar bills in front of her, she was more then willing to let us film her

Chase had planned on going to the library. Well plans changed as she found herself naked with a fat cock in her mouth as well as some needed cash waiting for her. She collected the full amount as she got her pussy drilled from all directions, loving every second of it.

We saw this sexy 19 year old, Jackie Diaz, desperately trying to get in the library for some late night studying, we offered her a far more lucrative option. Once she took off her clothes and started to play with her wet twat, she was starting to love her change of plans!

Jackie is in her first year of college & slightly desperate for some extra cash. That's where we came in. All she had to do for this special scholarship was get naked and play with some cock. Jackie sucked that dick fat and hard until it was time for some serious cock riding.

Taryn was so broke she only had a single dollar on her. We told her that we offer a "special" scholarship and she was very interested. She lead us to her dorm room were we flashed the cash and she gave up the ass. Ending up with a face full of cum and a pocket full of cash!

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